Without access to a capable bucket truck, some jobs become virtually impossible. While there are other ways of reaching an elevated work site, many of these involve so much in the way of setup and investment that they would make the proposed work impractical. Fortunately, arranging for highly capable aerial bucket truck rentals is easy, cost-effective, and rewarding.

One of the most popular models today among those who rent aerial bucket trucks is the Versalift VST-9000-MHI. While this particular arm and platform can be fitted to just about any of a number of possible vehicles, the most common option is probably the RQ600. Because it is so flexible and offers so much in the way of performance, this versalift bucket truck rental combination is one of the most common of all.

A look at the statistics and capabilities of the combined truck shows a number of reasons for this. For one thing, at just shy of one hundred feet in vertical reach, the truck offers up enough elevation for just about any common job. Those looking specifically for a 100ft bucket truck rental might be disappointed to find that this combined unit falls a little bit short, but the reality is that these customers represent only a tiny portion of the market. For most, then, this Versalift option will provide all the vertical reach they need and then some.

The VST-9000-MHI is every bit as outstanding when it comes to horizontal extension. Many clients will not notice this, because trucks are usually positioned as close to directly under the work site as possible. In certain situations, though, the arm’s ability to stretch out nearly 50 feet horizontally from the truck’s bed will make a big difference. That can allow, for example, for work to be done on the underside of a bridge where potential truck placement below is restricted.

This particular truck also boasts a lot of features designed to improve efficiency. Being able to start and stop the truck’s engine from the platform can come in handy, especially for smaller crews where workers need to take on a number of roles. A full complement of controls on the platform, in fact, allow for just about every need to be taken care of from that position, putting the operator in the driver’s seat even when outside of the truck’s cabin. That level of flexibility and accommodation is characteristic of this truck, in fact, and a big part of why it remains so popular.